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10 Rillington Place 1971 DVD - Richard Attenborough / Judy Geeson


An unsuspecting couple takes up a place for rent, owned by John Christie, a middle aged man living with his wife. Under his calm demeanour, Christie hides the fact that he is a serial killer.


Richard Attenborough as John Christie
Judy Geeson as Beryl Evans
John Hurt as Timothy Evans
Pat Heywood as Ethel Christie
Isobel Black as Alice
Robert Hardy as Malcolm Morris
Geoffrey Chater as Christmas Humphreys
André Morell as Judge Lewis
Sam Kydd as Furniture Dealer
Jimmy Gardner as Mr.Con Lynch
Gabrielle Daye as Mrs.Vi Lynch
Rudolph Walker as Beresford Brown
Phyllis MacMahon as Murie

Runtime: 111 Minutes

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