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13 Fighting Men 1960 DVD - Grant Williams / Brad Dexter

A Union soldier (Grant Williams) and his troops guard government gold from a Confederate leader (Brad Dexter) and his crew at the end of the Civil War.


Grant Williams as Capt. John Forrest
Brad Dexter as Maj. Simon Boyd
Carole Mathews as Carole Prescott
Robert Dix as Lt. Wilcox
Richard Garland as Capt. John Prescott
Richard Crane as Loomis
Rayford Barnes as Sgt. Yates
Rex Holman as Root
John Erwin as Cpl. McLean
Boyd Holister as Pvt. Jensen
Mauritz Hugo as Walter Ives
Richard Monahan
Ted Knight as Samuel
Fred Kohler Jr. as Corey
Stephen Ferry as Sgt. Wade
I. Stanford Jolley as Pvt. Ebb
Walter Reed as Col. Jeffers
John Frederick as Lee
Mark Hickman as Sgt. Mason
Ford Dunhill as Pvt. Harper
Brad Harris as Pvt. Fowler
Earl Holmes as Confederate Soldier
Richard Jeffries as Jimmy
Jerry Mobley as Sentry

Runtime: 69 Minutes

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