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13 West Street 1962 DVD - Alan Ladd / Rod Steiger


For no discernible reason, scientist Walt Sherill is assaulted and viciously beaten by a group of well-dressed young men, the opposite of a slum dwelling street gang, when he is walking alone on a deserted street. When the police, including investigating juvenile officer Detective Koleski, are in his opinion too slow and too busy in finding the culprits, Sherill decides to go after them on his own.

Sherill hires Finney, a private investigator, whose work leads him to Chuck Landry, the gang's leader. Sherill's non-stop search for revenge causes one member of the gang to commit suicide. Landry counters by luring Finney to a dangerous section of road where he is killed, then coming to Sherill's home where he menaces his wife, then plans to shoot Sherill when he returns home. Landry escapes from the police but as Sherill knows his address, he goes directly to the boy's home and beats him savagely. On the verge of killing him by drowning him in his family's swimming pool, Sherill finally relents, turning Landry over to Koleski to be placed under arrest.


Alan Ladd as Walt Sherill
Rod Steiger as Detective Sergeant Koleski
Michael Callan as Chuck Landry
Dolores Dorn as Tracey Sherill
Kenneth MacKenna as Paul Logan
Margaret Hayes as Mrs. Landry
Stanley Adams as Finney
Chris Robinson as Everett
Jeanne Cooper as Mrs. Quinn
Arnold Merritt as Bill
Mark Slade as Tommy
Henry Beckman as Detective Joe Bradford

Runtime: 80 Minutes

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