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3:10 to Yuma 1957 DVD - Glenn Ford / Van Heflin


In order to safeguard his ranch, Dan Evans decides to escort an outlaw, Ben Wade, to Contention City for a paltry sum of two hundred dollars.


Glenn Ford as Ben Wade
Van Heflin as Dan Evans
Felicia Farr as Emmy
Leora Dana as Alice Evans
Henry Jones as Alex Potter
Richard Jaeckel as Charlie Prince
Robert Emhardt as Mr Butterfield
Sheridan Comerate as Bob Moons
George Mitchell as Mac
Robert Ellenstein as Ernie Collins
Ford Rainey as Marshal of Bisbee
Woodrow Chambliss as blacksmith (uncredited)
Boyd Stockman as Bill Moons (uncredited)
Barry Curtis as Mathew Evans (uncredited)
Jerry Hartleben as Mark Evans (uncredited)
Dorothy Adams as Mrs. Potter (uncredited)

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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