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99 River Street 1953 DVD - John Payne / Evelyn Keyes


Ernie Driscoll is a former boxer who, after sustaining an injury in the ring severe enough to force him to give up prize-fighting, is a New York taxi driver.

His wife, Pauline, unhappy living a hard-up life, is having an affair with well-heeled jewel thief Victor Rawlins. An arrangement Rawlins made, to be paid for a batch of diamonds he has stolen, falls through; his fence indicates it is the presence of Pauline that has impeded the deal. In an effort to rekindle it, Rawlins kills Pauline and attempts to frame Driscoll for the murder.

With the help of a female acquaintance, Driscoll tries to track down Rawlins before the criminal leaves the country.


John Payne as Ernie Driscoll
Evelyn Keyes as Linda James
Brad Dexter as Victor Rawlins
Frank Faylen as Stan Hogan
Peggie Castle as Pauline Driscoll
Jay Adler as Christopher
Jack Lambert as Mickey
Glenn Langan as Lloyd Morgan
Eddy Waller as Pop Durkee
John Day as Bud
Ian Wolfe as Waldo Daggett
Peter Leeds as Nat Finley
William Tannen as director
Gene Reynolds as Chuck
Paul Bryar as bartender

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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