A Cry in the Night 1956 DVD - Edmond O'Brien / Brian Donlevy

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Owen Marks, parked at Lovers' Loop with girlfriend Liz Taggart, surprises a peeping Tom, who knocks him out and kidnaps Liz. The police leap into action when they learn the victim is a cop's daughter. Kidnapper Harold Loftus, the unhinged product of a smothering mother, makes ineffectual advances toward Liz, who staves him off as the police close in, hindered as much as helped by her overprotective father Capt. Dan Taggart.


Natalie Wood as Liz Taggart
Edmond O'Brien as Capt. Dan Taggart
Raymond Burr as Harold Loftus
Brian Donlevy as Capt. Ed Bates
Richard Anderson as Owen Clark

Runtime: 75 Minutes