A Dangerous Profession 1949 DVD - George Raft / Ella Raines

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Ex-policeman Vince Kane is a partner with Joe Farley as bail bond brokers, but retains his ties and friendship with the police and Detective Nick Ferrone. Ferrone picks up Claude Brackette, a brokerage clerk, as a suspect in the securities robbery in which a policeman was killed, and Kane goes with him when the detective searches Brackett's apartment, and Kane finds that Brackett's wife, Lucy, is his former sweetheart. She insists her husband is innocent and pleads with Kane to get him out on bail but she has only $4,000 of the $25,000 needed.

A mysterious emissary puts up $12,000 and Kanes, over Farley's protest, makes up the rest from the company's money. Brackett is murdered after his release. For Lucy, Kane investigates and finds that Brackett had dealings with night club owner Jerry McKay and a hoodlum named Roy Collins. Suspecting McKay was in back of the robbery, Kane begins a campaign in which he himself behaves like a crook, and demands a heavy bride from McKay for his silence. Farley denounces this tactic, and is met by Kane for a payment also, or he will be branded in league with the crooks.


George Raft as Vince Kane
Ella Raines as Lucy Brackett
Pat O'Brien as Joe Farley
Bill Williams as Claude Brackett
Jim Backus as Police Lt. Nick Ferrone
Roland Winters as Jerry McKay
Betty Underwood as Elaine Storm
Robert Gist as Roy Collins, aka Max Gibney
David Wolfe as Matthew Dawson

Runtime: 79 Minutes