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A Fire Has Been Arranged 1935 DVD - Bud Flanagan / Chesney Allen

A pair of friends robs from a jewelry shop, and buries their loot in a field out in the country before they get caught. They spend ten years in prison, and when they're let out they go back to the burial ground, only to find out that it's no longer a bucolic pasture but the site of a large department store. Despite that setback, they're still determined to dig up their stash.


Chesney Allen as Ches
Bud Flanagan as Bud
Hal Walters as Hal
Harold French as Toby
Mary Lawson as Betty
Alastair Sim as Cutte
C. Denier Warren as Shuffle
Robb Wilton as Oswald
Vincent Holman as Ex-detective
Jack Vyvian as Prison Warder
The Buddy Bradley Rhythm Girls as Shop Girls

Runtime: 70 Minutes

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