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A Foreign Affair 1948 DVD - Jean Arthur / Marlene Dietrich

A congressional committee visits occupied Berlin to investigate G.I. morals. Congresswoman Phoebe Frost, appalled at widespread evidence of human frailty, hears rumors that cafe singer Erika, former mistress of a wanted war criminal, is "protected" by an American officer, and enlists Captain John Pringle to help her find him...not knowing that Pringle is Erika's lover.


Jean Arthur as Phoebe Frost
Marlene Dietrich as Erika von Schlütow
John Lund as Captain John Pringle
Millard Mitchell as Col. Rufus J. Plummer
Peter von Zerneck as Hans Otto Birgel
Stanley Prager as Mike
William Murphy as Joe
Raymond Bond as Congressman Pennecot
Boyd Davis as Congressman Giffin
Robert Malcolm as Congressman Kramer
Charles Meredith as Congressman Yandell
Michael Raffetto as Congressman Salvatore
Damian O'Flynn as Lieutenant Colonel
Frank Fenton as Major Mathews
James Larmore as Lieutenant Hornby
Gordon Jones as Military Police
Friedrich Hollaender pianist at the Lorelei night club

Runtime: 116 Minutes

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