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A Gathering of Eagles 1963 DVD - Rock Hudson / Rod Taylor

During the Cold War, Air Force Colonel Jim Caldwell shapes up his Strategic Air Command B-52 wing to pass a nuclear war readiness test.


Rock Hudson as Colonel James Caldwell, Commander, 904th Strategic Aerospace Wing (904th SAW)
Rod Taylor as Colonel Hollis Farr, Vice Commander, 904th SAW
Mary Peach as Victoria Caldwell, Caldwell's wife
Barry Sullivan as Colonel William Fowler, Base Commander of Carmody Air Force Base
Kevin McCarthy as Major General J. T. "Happy Jack" Kirby, SAC Inspector General
Nelson Leigh as Brigadier General John Aymes, commander of the 904th SAW's parent Air Division
Henry Silva as Colonel Joe "Smokin' Joe" Garcia, Deputy Commander for Maintenance, 904th SAW
Leora Dana as Evelyn Fowler, Col Fowler's wife
Robert Lansing as Senior Master Sergeant Banning, B-52 line chief
Richard Le Pore as Staff Sergeant Kemler, boom operator on KC-135 tanker crew "Ramrod 67," who comes out of surgery in the base hospital asking how his crew did in the ORI.
Ray Montgomery as Captain Linke, aircraft commander of B-52G bomber crew "Ranger 21"
Richard Anderson as Colonel Ralph Josten, Deputy Commander for Operations, 904th SAW
Leif Erickson as General Hewitt, Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command (CINCSAC)
Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Kemler, Sergeant Kem

​​​​​​​Runtime: 116 Minutes

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