A Killer Walks 1952 DVD - Susan Shaw / Laurence Harvey

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This is a story about two brothers, Ned (Laurence Harvey) and Frankie (Trader Faulkner), living on a farm with their old grandmother. Ned despises being a farm labourer and befriends a girl from the city. She does not like a farm life either and dreams of having her own hair saloon.

Frankie is a somnambulist and one night he kills a bull with his gun. He also has many knives. This gives Ned a frightening idea: What if he stabs his grandmother with a knife and blame Frankie for the murder? Then he will be the owner of the farm and buy a hair saloon to his beloved one.


Laurence Harvey
Trader Faulkner
Susan Shaw
Laurence Naismith

Runtime: 57 Minutes