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A Lady Without Passport 1950 DVD - Hedy Lamarr / John Hodiak

There is a problem with foreign nationals using Cuba as a convenient jumping off point for illegal entry into the United States. So U.S. Immigration Service Agent Peter Karczag (John Hodiak) is sent to Havana posing as a Hungarian frustrated with the legal immigration process and open to an alternative. By this means he uncovers the human smuggling ring run by Palinov (George Macready). He also meets concentration-camp refugee Marianne Lorress (Hedy Lamarr), a Viennese working in a nightclub and one who has paid to be smuggled into the United States. When Karczag falls in love with her, he becomes conflicted, not wanting her to be among those he plans to have captured in his operation. So he tries to persuade her to stay in Cuba instead of being secretly flown to the United States. Will he succeed? What if his cover is blown?.


Hedy Lamarr as Marianne Lorress
John Hodiak as Peter Karczag
James Craig as Frank Westlake
George Macready as Palinov
Steven Geray as Frenchman
Bruce Cowling as Archer Delby James
Nedrick Young as Harry Nordell
Steven Hill as Jack
Robert Osterloh as Lt. Lannahan
Trevor Bardette as Lt. Carfagno
Charles Wagenheim as Ramon Santez
Renzo Cesana as A. Sestina
Esther Zeitlin as Beryl Sandring
Carlo Tricoli as Mr. Sandring
Marta Mitrovich as Elizaveth Alonescu
Don Garner as Dmitri Matthias
Richard Crane as Navy Flyer
Nita Bieber as Dancer

Runtime: 74 Minutes

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