A Lost Lady 1934 DVD - Barbara Stanwyck / Frank Morgan

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Two days before Marian and Ned are to be married, he is killed by the husband of a woman he was seeing on the side. Marian becomes withdrawn and they send her to the Canadian Rockies for rest. While on a walk, she accidentally falls off a ledge and twists her ankle. She is found and rescued by Dan Forrester and his dog Sandy. He visits Marian every day even though she is still bitter. When it is time to go, he asks her to marry him and she accepts even though she will never love again. Back home in Chicago, Dan dotes on Marian and even builds a house in the country for his 'perfect wife'. Everything is going well until Marian meets a brash young transport owner named Frank. She rejects his advances, but he persists. When Dan leaves on business, Frank entertains her every day and Marian realizes that she may find love again after all.


Barbara Stanwyck as Marian Ormsby Forrester
Frank Morgan as Daniel 'Dan' Forrester
Ricardo Cortez as Frank Ellinger
Lyle Talbot as Neil Herbert
Phillip Reed as Ned Montgomery
Hobart Cavanaugh as Robert, Forrester's Butler
Henry Kolker as John Ormsby
Rafaela Ottiano as Rosa, Marian's Maid
Edward McWade as Simpson, Forrester's Receptionist
Walter Walker as Judge Hardy
Samuel S. Hinds as Jim Sloane
Willie Fung as Forrester's Cook
Jameson Thomas as Lord Verrington

Runtime: 61 Minutes