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A Tale of Two Cities 1958 DVD - Dirk Bogarde / Dorothy Tutin

During the turbulent days of the French Revolution, Frenchwoman Lucie Manette falls in love with Englishman Charles Darnay, who's hiding his true identity and purpose.


Dirk Bogarde as Sydney Carton
Dorothy Tutin as Lucie Manette
Paul Guers as Charles Darnay
Marie Versini as Marie Gabelle
Ian Bannen as Gabelle
Alfie Bass as Jerry Cruncher
Cecil Parker as Jarvis Lorry
Stephen Murray as Dr. Manette
Athene Seyler as Miss Pross
Ernest Clark as Stryver
Rosalie Crutchley as Madame Defarge
Freda Jackson as the Vengeance
Duncan Lamont as Ernest Defarge
Leo McKern as Attorney General-Old Bailey
Donald Pleasence as John Barsad
Christopher Lee as Marquis St. Evremonde

Runtime: 117 Minutes

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