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A Woman's Vengeance 1948 DVD - Charles Boyer / Ann Blyth


Henry Maurier rebounds from the death of wife Emily by marrying a much younger woman, Doris, upsetting another woman, Janet, who is in love with him. Suspicions grow that Henry might have hurried along his wife's death with poison, until eventually he finds himself condemned to death for a murder he didn't commit.


Charles Boyer as Henry Maurier
Ann Blyth as Doris Mead
Jessica Tandy as Janet Spence
Cedric Hardwicke as Dr. James Libbard
Mildred Natwick as Nurse Caroline Braddock
Cecil Humphreys as General Spence
Hugh French as Robert Lester
Rachel Kempson as Emily Maurier
Valerie Cardew as Clara
Carl Harbord as Leslie Blake

Runtime: 96 Minutes

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