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Accused of Murder 1956 DVD - David Brian / Vera Ralston

When gangland lawyer Frank Hobart is murdered there are two suspects, Ilona Vanve , beautiful nightclub singer, and a hood named Stan , who has been hired by underworld boss Chad Bayliss to kill Hobart. Attracted to Ilona, Lt. Detective Roy Hargis tries to protect her in spite of the growing evidence against her and the pressure put on him by his assistant, Sergeant Lackey. Hargis thinks the case has broken when a dance-hall girl, Sandra Lamoreaux , who saw Stan at the scene of the murder, tries to use this information to blackmail him, and is badly beaten. She manages to talk to Hargis, and her story brings about Stan's capture and conviction for murder. But he didn't do it. It is now up to Hargis to either clear or convict Ilona. 


David Brian as Lt. Roy Hargis
Vera Ralston as Ilona Vance
Sidney Blackmer as Frank Hobart
Virginia Grey as Sandra Lamoreaux
Warren Stevens as Stant
Lee Van Cleef as Sgt. Emmett Lackey
Barry Kelley as Police Captain Smedley
Richard Karlan as Chad Bayliss
Frank Puglia as Cesar Cipriano
Elisha Cook Jr. as Whitey Pollock
Ian MacDonald as Trumble
Greta Thyssen as Myra Bayliss
Claire Carleton as Marge Harris
Wally Cassell as Cipriano's doorman

Runtime: 74 Minutes

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