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Affair with a Stranger 1953 DVD - Jean Simmons / Victor Mature

When a TV gossip columnist wrongly announces that the marriage between now successful playwright William Blakeley and his wife Carolyn is breaking up, New York friends variously reminisce about how the two met and married.


Victor Mature as Bill Blakeley
Jean Simmons as Carolyn Parker
Monica Lewis as Janet Boothe
Jane Darwell as Ma Stanton
Linda Douglas as Dolly Murray
Dabbs Greer as Happy Murray
Wally Vernon as Joe, Taxi Driver
Nicholas Joy as Producer George W. Craig
Olive Carey as Cynthia Craig
Victoria Horne as Mrs. Wallace
Lillian Bronson as Miss Crutcher
George Cleveland as Pop
Billy Chapin as Timmy

Runtime: 87 Minutes

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