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Alf's Button Afloat 1938 DVD - Bud Flanagan / Chesney Allen

Alf discovers that one of the buttons on his uniform is made from the metal of Aladdin's lamp. When he cleans it a genie appears.


Bud Flanagan as Alf Higgins
Chesney Allen as Ches
Jimmy Nervo as Cecil
Teddy Knox as Teddy
Charlie Naughton as Charlie
Jimmy Gold as Jimmy
Alastair Sim as Eustace
Wally Patch as Sergeant Hawkins
Peter Gawthorne as Captain Driscol
Agnes Lauchlan as Lady Driscol
Glennis Lorimer as Frankie Driscol
James Carney as Lieutenant John Hardy
Wilson Coleman as surgeon
J.H. Roberts as Aladdin
Bruce Winston as Mustapha
Richard Cooper as Lord Wimbledon

Runtime: 89 Minutes

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