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Alias John Preston 1955 DVD - Betta St. John / Alexander Knox

Wealthy John Preston arrives in small town Deanbridge. He invests in local businesses and gets involved in community affairs. Eventually, he meets a local belle, Sally, and wins her from her current boyfriend. She agrees to marry him. Then, he begins to have strange dreams about Sylvia, a beautiful woman from his past, who comes to Deanbridge to blackmail him. In his dream, Preston strangles the scheming woman, but is then confronted by a strange Frenchman. He tells his dream to Dr. Walton, who feels Preston is suppressing things in his past, and should regain his memory before marrying Sally


Betta St. John - Sally Sandford
Alexander Knox - Doctor Peter Walton
Christopher Lee - John Preston
Sandra Dorne - Maria
Patrick Holt - Sylvia's Husband in Dream
John Stuart - Doctor Underwood
Bill Fraser - Joe Newton
Peter Grant - Bob Newton
Betty Ann Davies - Mrs Sandford
John Longden - Richard Sandford

Runtime: 66 Minutes

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