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All for Mary 1955 DVD - Nigel Patrick / Kathleen Harrison

In a Swiss Alpine resort shortly after the War an army officer and upper-class Humpy Miller both set their sights on Mary, the landlord's daughter. After the two come down with chicken pox, they are put in the charge of fellow guest Miss Cartwright, who turns out to be Humpy's old nanny. The two Englishmen unite not only against her tyranny but against a dense Greek who is also after Mary.


Nigel Patrick as Captain Clive Norton
Kathleen Harrison as Nanny Cartwright
David Tomlinson as "Humpy" Miller
Jill Day as Mary
David Hurst as Monsieur Victor
Leo McKern as Gaston Nikopopoulos
Nicholas Phipps as General McLintock-White
Joan Young as Mrs. Hackenfleuger
Lionel Jeffries as Maître D'Hotel
Neil Hallett as Alphonse
Paul Hardtmuth as Hans, Hotel Porter
Fabia Drake as Opulent Lady
Charles Lloyd Pack as Doctor
Guy Deghy as Ski Instructor
Dorothy Gordon as W.R.A.C. Orderly
Robin Brown as American Boy
Tommy Farr as Bruiser
Vernon Morris as Page Boy

Runtime: 79 Minutes

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