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All the Brothers Were Valiant 1953 DVD - Robert Taylor / Stewart Granger

When brother Mark goes missing, Joel vows to learn more about his brother's fate. Later, when Joel finds Mark, he is forced to vie for his wife Priscilla's attention against his own brother.


Robert Taylor as Joel Shore
Stewart Granger as Mark Shore
Ann Blyth as Priscilla 'Pris' Holt
Betta St. John as Native Girl
Keenan Wynn as Silva
James Whitmore as Fetcher
Kurt Kasznar as Quint
Lewis Stone as Captain Holt
Robert Burton as Asa Worthen
Peter Whitney as James Finch, First Mate
John Lupton as Dick Morrell, Third Mate
Jonathan Cott as Carter
Mitchell Lewis as Cook
James Bell as Aaron Burnham
Leo Gordon as Peter How

Runtime: 95 Minutes

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