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Ambush at Cimarron Pass 1958 DVD - Scott Brady / Margia Dean


In 1867, a Yankee patrol joins forces with a group of ex-Confederate soldiers in order to cross Apache territory and reach the nearest fort.


Scott Brady as Sergeant Matt Blake
Margia Dean as Teresa Santos
Clint Eastwood as Keith Williams
Irving Bacon as Judge Stanfield
Frank Gerstle as Capt. Sam Prescott
Ray Boyle as Johnny Willows (billed as Dirk London)
Baynes Barron as Corbin the Gunrunner
William Vaughn as Henry the Scout
Ken Mayer as Corporal Schwitzer
John Damler as Private Zach
Keith Richards as Private Lasky
John Frederick as Private Nathan (billed as John Merrick)

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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