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Ambush at Tomahawk Gap 1953 DVD - John Hodiak / John Derek


Four outlaws have just been released from Yuma Territorial Prison. They return to Tomahawk Gap, now a ghost town, to retrieve the money that they stole and was buried by a partner somewhere in the town. While hunting, the Indians attack, and a life and death battle ensues.


John Hodiak: McCord
David Brian: Egan
John Derek: Kid
Ray Teal: Doc
María Elena Marqués: Navaho girl
John Qualen: Jonas P. Travis
Otto Hulett: Stranton
Trevor Bardette: sheriff of Twin Forks
Percy Helton: Marlowe
Harry Cording: Ostler
John Doucette: Burt
John War Eagle: Indian Chief

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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