An American Romance 1944 DVD - Brian Donlevy / Ann Richards

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Stefan Dangos immigrates to America and works his way up from the iron mines and steel mills to become a great American success story as an industrialist.


Brian Donlevy as Stefan Dubechek/Steve Dangos
Ann Richards as Anna O'Rourke Dangos
Walter Abel as Howard Clinton
John Qualen as Anton Dubechek
Horace McNally as Teddy Roosevelt Dangos/Narrator
Mary McLeod as Tina Dangos
Bob Lowell as George Dangos
Fred Brady as Abraham Lincoln Dangos
Billy Lechner as Joe Chandler, Jr.
Jerry Shane as Bob Chandler
Harold Landon as Joe
J. M. Kerrigan as Charlie O'Rourke

Runtime: 151 Minutes