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Anastasia 1956 DVD - Ingrid Bergman / Yul Brynner

An opportunistic businessman tries to pass off a mysterious impostor as the Grand Duchess Anastasia, and she is so convincing that even the biggest skeptics believe her.


Ingrid Bergman as Anna Koreff / Anastasia
Yul Brynner as General Bounine
Helen Hayes as the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna
Akim Tamiroff as Boris Andreevich Chernov
Martita Hunt as Baroness Elena von Livenbaum
Felix Aylmer as Chamberlain
Sacha Pitoëff as Piotr Ivanovich Petrovin
Ivan Desny as Prince Paul von Haraldberg (an invented character)
Natalie Schafer as Irina Lissemskaia
Grégoire Gromoff as Stepan
Karel Štěpánek as Mikhail Vlados
Ina De La Haye as Marusia
Katherine Kath as Maxime

Runtime: 105 Minutes

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