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Any Number Can Play 1949 DVD - Clark Gable / Alexis Smith


When Charley Enley Kyng is diagnosed with heart disease, his doctor tells him to take it slow. He then tries to win back his estranged wife and child.


Clark Gable as Charley Enley Kyng
Alexis Smith as Lon Kyng
Wendell Corey as Robbin Elcott
Audrey Totter as Alice Elcott
Frank Morgan as Jim Kurstyn
Mary Astor as Ada
Lewis Stone as Ben Gavery Snelerr
Barry Sullivan as Tycoon
Marjorie Rambeau as Sarah Calbern
Edgar Buchanan as Ed
Leon Ames as Dr. Palmer
Mickey Knox as Pete Senta
Richard Rober as Lew "Angie" Debretti
William Conrad as Frank Sistina
Darryl Hickman as Paul Enley Kyng
Caleb Peterson as Sleigh
Dorothy Comingore as Mrs. Purcell

Runtime: 112 Minutes

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