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Apache Ambush 1955 DVD - Bill Williams / Richard Jaeckel

Just after the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln asks two former enemies a Union officer and a former Confederate to drive a herd of cattle from Texas to Kansas, to help feed civilians who are short of food. The journey is complicated by marauding Apache Indians and a gang of Mexican bandits who want the new Henry repeating rifles that the drovers will be carrying.


Bill Williams - James Kingston
Richard Jaeckel - Lee Parker
Alex Montoya - Joaquin Jironza
Movita Castaneda - Rosita
Adelle August - Ann Parker
Tex Ritter - Traegar
Ray "Crash" Corrigan - Hank Calvin
Ray Teal - Sgt. Tim O'Roarke
Don Harvey - Maj. Donald 'Tex' McGuire
James Griffith - President Abraham Lincoln
James Flavin - Col. Marshall
George Chandler - Chandler
Forrest Lewis - Sheriff Silas Parker
George Keymas - Tweedy
Clayton Moore - Townsman

Runtime: 68 Minutes

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