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Appointment in Berlin 1943 DVD - George Sanders / Marguerite Chapman

A former RAF officer is enlisted in the British secret service. Germany recruits him for propaganda broadcasts to England. He uses codes in his broadcasts. When his cover is blown, he and his German girlfriend must try to escape.


George Sanders as Wing Cmdr. Keith Wilson
Marguerite Chapman as Ilse Von Preising
Onslow Stevens as Rudolph Von Preising
Gale Sondergaard as Greta Van Leyden
Gilbert Emery as Gen. Marston
Lester Matthews as Air Marshal
John Meredith as Engineer
Leonard Mudie as MacPhail
Alan Napier as Col. Patterson
Georges Renavent as Van der Wyn
C. Montague Shaw as Langly
Reginald Sheffield as Miller - Wilson's Butler
Marek Windheim as Croupier
Frederick Worlock as Von Ritter - Ministry of Information
Constance Worth as English Girl
Franklyn Farnum as R.A.F. Officer
Jack Lee as Babe Forrester
Leyland Hodgson as Joiner
Keith Hitchcock as Bobby
Steven Geray as Henri Rader
Jack Gargan as Underground Man
Arno Frey as Gestapo Captain
Byron Foulger as Herr Van Leyden
Herbert Evans as Nightclub Party Guest
Don Douglas as Bill Banning
Jean De Briac as Señor Bonti
Leslie Denison as Detective
Alec Craig as Smitty - News Vendor
Gino Corrado as Headwaiter
Felix Basch as Hoppner

Runtime: 77 Minutes

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