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Appointment With Venus 1951 DVD - David Niven / Glynis Johns

In 1940, after the fall of France, the fictitious Channel Island of Armorel is occupied by a small garrison of German troops under the benign command of Hauptmann Weiss (George Coulouris). He finds that the hereditary ruler, the Suzerain, is away in the army, leaving the Provost in charge.
Back in London, the Ministry of Agriculture realise that during the evacuation of the island, Venus, a prize pedigree cow, has been left behind. They petition the War Office to do something urgently, and Major Morland (David Niven), is assigned the task of rescuing Venus. When he realises that the Suzerain's sister, Nicola Fallaize (Glynis Johns) is in Wales, serving as an army cook, she is quickly posted to the War Office and the two, with a sergeant and a naval officer, are landed on the island.
They contact the Provost and discover that the Hauptmann, a cattle breeder in civilian life, is about to the have the cow shipped to Germany. In a race against the Germans discovering their presence, they spirit the cow onto a beach and via a special craft, onto a motorboat which takes them to Britain.


David Niven
Glynis Johns
George Coulouris
Kenneth More

Runtime: 90 Minutes
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