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Arrowhead 1953 DVD - Charlton Heston / Jack Palance

Chief of Scouts Ed Bannon narrowly avoids an Apache ambush while working with the cavalry stationed at Fort Clark, Texas. The US Army is trying to talk peace with the Apaches and move them to reservations in Florida, and they take Bannon's efforts as detrimental to their new policies, so they fire him. When the Apache chief's son Torinada returns from an Eastern education, Bannon becomes highly suspicious of his motives based run-ins with Torinada in the past. Bannon continues shadowing the proceedings to the chagrin of both the US Army and the Apache warrior.


Charlton Heston as Ed Bannon
Jack Palance as Toriano
Katy Jurado as Nita
Brian Keith as Capt. Bill North
Mary Sinclair as Lela Wilson
Milburn Stone as Sandy MacKinnon
Richard Shannon as Lt. Kirk
Lewis Martin as Col. Weybright
Frank DeKova as Chief Chattez
Robert J. Wilke as Sgt. Stone
Peter Coe as Spanish
Kyle James as Jerry August
John Pickard as John Gunther
Pat Hogan as Jim Eagle

Runtime: 105 Minutes

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