Ask Any Girl 1959 DVD - David Niven / Shirley MacLaine

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A wide-eyed Meg Wheeler comes to New York City and takes a job in market research for a large firm. She's also keeping an eye open to meet the right man, her research making her aware that the United States has five million more females than males.

Upon meeting two clients, the reserved and somewhat stodgy Miles Doughton and his playboy younger brother Evan, it doesn't take long for Meg to realize she's romantically interested in Evan.

Miles is willing to help. He has seen so many of his brother's conquests come and go that he knows what Evan likes in a girl. Therefore, in a Pygmalion-like way, he sets out to transform Meg into exactly that kind of girl. What she doesn't know is that Miles secretly comes to want her for himself.


David Niven ... Miles Doughton
Shirley MacLaine ... Meg Wheeler
Gig Young ... Evan Doughton
Rod Taylor ... Ross Tayford
Jim Backus ... Maxwell
Claire Kelly ... Lisa
Elisabeth Fraser ... Jennie Boyden
Dodie Heath ... Terri Richards
Read Morgan ... Bert
Carmen Phillips ... Refined young lady

Runtime: 98 Minutes

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