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Assignment in Brittany 1943 DVD - Jean-Pierre Aumont / Susan Peters


A French captain (Jean-Pierre Aumont) poses as a Nazi to pinpoint a U-boat base off the coast of France, while assuming the identity of a "look-a-like" French citizen.


Jean-Pierre Aumont as Capt. Pierre Matard / Bertrand Corlay      
Susan Peters as Anne Pinot
Margaret Wycherly as Mme. Henriette Corlay
Signe Hasso as Elise
Richard Whorf as Jean Kerenor
George Coulouris as Capt. Hans Holz
John Emery as Capt. Deichgraber
Darryl Hickman as Etienne
Sarah Padden as Albertine
Adia Kuznetzoff as Louis Basdevant
Reginald Owen as Col. Trane
Miles Mander as Col. Herman Fournier
Alan Napier as Sam Wells
Odette Myrtil as Louis' sister
Juanita Quigley as Jeannine
William Edmunds as Plehec

Runtime: 96 Minutes

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