At Sword's Point 1952 DVD - Cornel Wilde / Maureen O'Hara

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France, 1648: Richelieu and Louis XIII are dead, the new king is a minor, and the Duc de Lavalle is in virtually open rebellion, scheming to seize power. As a last resort, Queen Anne summons the heirs of the original Musketeers to her aid...including Claire, daughter of Athos, who when she chooses can miraculously pass as a boy, and wields as fine a sword as any. All their skills will be needed for a battle against increasing odds. One for all and all for one!.


Cornel Wilde as D'Artagnan
Maureen O'Hara as Claire
Robert Douglas as Duc de Lavalle
Gladys Cooper as Queen Anne
June Clayworth as Comtesse Claudine
Dan O'Herlihy as Aramis
Alan Hale Jr. as Porthos
Blanche Yurka as Madame Michom
Nancy Gates as Princess Henriette
Edmund Breon as Queen's Chamberlain (as Edmond Breon)
Peter Miles as Young Louis XIV
George Petrie as Chalais
Moroni Olsen as Old Porthos

Runtime: 81 Minutes

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