Babes in Arms 1939 DVD - Mickey Rooney / Judy Garland

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Mickey Moran, a talented singer and musician, son of a veteran from the show business. Mickey has a partner, Patsi Barton, a pretty girl and also a very talented singer. One day, a big opportunity arrives for Mickey, a big contract to set up his own show. However, things don't go well, and in order to avoid being sent to a work farm, he'll improvise a show in the country, despite the awful weather conditions. Patsi's in love with Mickey, he loves her too, but for him the show must go on, and his big dream maybe will come true: formally stage his play in a big scenario, with a huge production.


Mickey Rooney as Mickey Moran
Judy Garland as Patsy Barton
Charles Winninger as Joe Moran
Guy Kibbee as Judge John Black
June Preisser as Rosalie Essex
Grace Hayes as Florrie Moran
Betty Jaynes as Molly Moran
Douglas McPhail as Don Brice
Rand Brooks as Jeff Steele
Leni Lynn as Dody Martin
Margaret Hamilton as Martha Steele
Lelah Tyle as Mrs. Brice

Runtime: 93 Minutes

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