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Back Door to Heaven 1939 DVD - Jimmy Lydon / Anita Magee

A boy (Jimmy Lydon) goes to reform school, turns criminal (Wallace Ford) and escapes to see his old teacher (Aline MacMahon) at a class reunion.


Wallace Ford as Francis ("Frankie") Rogers, as an adult
Aline MacMahon as Miss Williams
Stuart Erwin as Jud Mason
Patricia Ellis as Carol Evans, as an adult
Bert Frohman as Bert "Mouse" Gatto
Jimmy Lydon as Frankie Rogers, as a child
Anita Magee as Carol Evans, as a child
Raymond Roe as John Shelley, as a child
William Redfield as Charley Smith, as a child
Kenneth LeRoy as Bob Hale, as a child
David Johnson as Wallace Kischler, as a child
William Harrigan as Frankie's Father
Jane Seymour as Frankie's Mother
Alfred Webster as Sheriff Alvin Kramer
Robert John Wildhack as Rudolph Herzing
Kent Smith as John Shelley - as Adult (replaced by Van Heflin)
Van Heflin as John Shelley, as an adult
Douglas McMullen as Wallace Kischler, as an adult
George J. Lewis as Bob Hale, as an adult
Bruce A. Evans as Charley Smith, as an adult
Georgette Harvey as Mrs. Hamilton
Helen Christian as Mrs. Gladys Smith
Iris Adrian as Sugar, Burlesque Dancer

Runtime: 85 Minutes

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