Backfire 1950 DVD - Virginia Mayo / Gordon MacRae

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Bob Corey, recovering from a series of operations in a Veterans' hospital, learns that his friend, Steve Connelly, with whom he intended to buy a ranch, has disappeared under circumstance that indicate he may have been involved in a murder. Accompanied by his nurse, Julie Benson, with whom he has fallen in love, Bob follows a series of clues and incidents, including three more murders, that leads to a gambler, masquerading as an undertaker to avoid taxes on his illegal income, has a whole lot to do with his friend's predicament. 


Gordon MacRae as Bob Corey
Edmond O'Brien as Steve Connolly
Virginia Mayo as Julie Benson
Viveca Lindfors as Lysa Radoff
Dane Clark as Ben Arno
Ed Begley as Captain Garcia
Sheila MacRae (as Sheila Stephens) as Bonnie Willis
Mack Williams as Dr. Herbert Anstead
Leonard Strong as Lee Quong
Frances Robinson as Mrs. Blayne
Richard Rober as Solly Blayne

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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