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Background 1953 DVD - Valerie Hobson / Philip Friend


John and Barbie Lomax (Friend and Hobson) have been married for almost 20 years, but the marriage has seemingly reached breaking point. After leaving the army, John has been working hard on making a career for himself as a barrister, which takes up all of his time and attention, leaving him exhausted and irritable. He acts intolerantly and dismissively towards Barbie and their three children, and the marital relationship comes under intolerable strain as the couple argue, bicker and snipe constantly at each other. Realising that the poisoned atmosphere is not good for the children to experience, they agree that in the circumstances divorce is the lesser evil.

They are unprepared for how badly the children react when they break the news. The children jump to the conclusion that family friend 'Uncle' Bill Ogden (Woolard) is to blame, assuming from what they have seen that he has designs on Barbie. While this is true, it does not explain the depth of unhappiness felt by both their parents at their increasingly acrimonious relationship.

As the wheels of the divorce are set in motion, John and Barbie are faced with coming to agreement about what should happen to the children, whether all should be given to the custody of one parent, or whether they should be split up. Caught in the middle, the children take matters into their own hands, forcing their parents to reassess the wisdom of the path they are about to take. Finally they are forced into an about-face after realising the destructive effect of divorce on the children. They decided they must stay together for the sake of the family resolving to put on a brave face and live at least partly a life of pretense. However, a final moment when they laugh together for the first time in years about the relief and reconciliation of their children suggests that love and understanding might return to the marriage after all.


Valerie Hobson as Barbie Lomax
Philip Friend as John Lomax
Norman Wooland as Bill Ogden
Janette Scott as Jess Lomax
Mandy Miller as Linda Lomax
Jeremy Spenser as Adrian Lomax
Lily Kann as Brownie
Helen Shingler as Mary Wallace
Thora Hird as Mrs. Humphries
Louise Hampton as Miss Russell
Jack Melford as Mackay
Richard Wattis as David Wallace
Joss Ambler as Judge
Lloyd Lamble Defence Counsel
Barbara Hicks as Mrs. Young
Ernest Butcher as Clerk

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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