Bathing Beauty 1944 DVD - Red Skelton / Esther Williams

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Songwriter Steve Elliott is about to marry Caroline Brooks. A strange woman who's been paid by Steve's agent to say she's his wife interrupts the ceremony. An angry Caroline gets her old job back teaching at a girl's college. Determined to win her back, Steve enrolls in the school to become its only male student.


Red Skelton as Steve Elliot
Esther Williams as Caroline Brooks
Basil Rathbone as George Adams
Bill Goodwin as Professor Willis Evans
Jean Porter as Jean Allenwood
Nana Bryant as Dean Clinton
Carlos Ramírez as Himself
Ethel Smith as Ethel Smith - Music Teacher
Lina Romay as Herself
Helen Forrest as Herself - Singer with Harry James and His Music Makers
Donald Meek as Chester Klazenfrantz
Jacqueline Dalya as Maria Dorango
Francis Pierlot as Professor Hendricks
Ann Codee as Mme. Zarka
Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Allenwood
Bunny Waters as Bunny
Janis Paige as Janis
Xavier Cugat as Himself - Leader of Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra
Harry James as Himself - Leader of Harry James and His Music Makers
Dorothy Adams as Miss Hanney - Faculty Secretary
Jane Isbell as Western Union Girl

Runtime: 101 Minutes

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