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Between Midnight and Dawn 1950 DVD - Mark Stevens / Edmond O'Brien

Rocky and Dan, war buddies, are prowl car cops on night duty. Dan is a cynic who views all lawbreakers as scum; Rocky feels more lenient. Both are attracted to the radio voice of communicator Kate Mallory; but in person, Kate proves reluctant to get involved with men who just might stop a bullet. By lucky chance, Rocky and Dan cause big trouble for murderous racketeer Ritchie Garris; but when he swears vengeance, Kate's fears may prove justified. 


Mark Stevens as Rocky Barnes
Edmond O'Brien as Daniel Purvis
Gale Storm as Katherine Mallory
Donald Buka as Ritchie Garris
Gale Robbins as Terry Romaine
Anthony Ross as Lieutenant Masterson
Roland Winters as Leo Cusick
Tito Vuolo as Romano
Grazia Narciso as Mrs. Romano
Madge Blake as Mrs. Mallory
Lora Lee Michel as Kathy
Jack Del Rio as Louis Franissi
Philip Van Zandt as Joe Quist
Cliff Bailey as Sergeant Bailey
Tony Barr as Harry Yost

Runtime: 89 Minutes

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