Beware My Lovely 1952 DVD - Ida Lupino / Robert Ryan

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Helen Gordon hires Howard Wilton as a handyman to do chores around her house. She doesn't know what she's let herself in for. Insecure and paranoid, Wilton thinks everyone, including Helen, is against him. He suffers from memory lapses and extreme mood swings. She's soon a prisoner in her own house after Wilton locks the doors and tears out the telephone. His mood swings from violence to complacency but after Helen gets a message to the police via a telephone repairman, she finds he is still in the house.


Ida Lupino    Mrs. Helen Gordon
Robert Ryan    Howard Wilton
Taylor Holmes    Mr. Walter Armstrong
Barbara Whiting    Ruth Williams
James Willmas    Mr. Stevens
O. Z. Whitehead    Mr. Franks
Dee Pollack    Grocery boy

Runtime: 77 Minutes

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