Biography of a Bachelor Girl 1935 DVD - Ann Harding / Robert Montgomery

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Everyweek News magazine editor Richard Kurt pursues psuedo-portait artist Marion Forsythe on her arrival from Europe after painting (and possibly being involved with) notables all over the continent. He convinces her to write her biography as a feature for his magazine. An old "beau" of hers also looks her up in New York; he is running for U.S. Senator from their home state, and is engaged to an influential publisher's daughter. He is fearful that Marion's tales could embarass him, so he tries to persuade her and Kurt to abandon the idea.


Ann Harding as Marion Forsythe
Robert Montgomery as Richard 'Dickie' Kurt
Edward Everett Horton as Leander 'Bunny' Nolan
Edward Arnold as Mr. 'Feydie' Feydak
Una Merkel as Slade Kinnicott
Charles Richman as Mr. Orrin Kinnicott
Greta Meyer as Minnie
Willard Robertson as Grigsby
Donald Meek as Mr. Irish

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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