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Bird of Paradise 1951 DVD - Debra Paget / Louis Jourdan

Andre Laurence accompanies his college roommate, Tenga, back to Tenga's Polynesian island home. There, Andre, assumes the native life and, after many trials with the native customs and their suspicions, marries his friend's sister, Kalua. Their marriage is barren of children. A final blow to Andre comes with the eruption of a volcano and island's holy man, The Kahuna, decides that the volcano can only be appeased with the sacrifice of Kalua.


Debra Paget as Kalua
Louis Jourdan as Andre Lawrence
Jeff Chandler as Tenga
Everett Sloane as The Akua
Maurice Schwartz as The Kahuna
Jack Elam as The Trader
Prince Leilani as Chief
Otto Waldis as Skipper
Alfred Zeisler as Van Hook

Runtime: 100 Minutes

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