Black Hand 1950 DVD - Gene Kelly / Teresa Celli

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Now grown-up, Johnny Columbo returns to New York from Italy having sworn a vendetta against the Black Hand who killed his father years earlier. Becoming romantically involved with a girl from school and meeting up with an honest cop also fighting the gangs, Columbo starts to wonder if there may be legal ways to defeat them.


Gene Kelly as Giovanni E. "Johnny" Columbo
J. Carrol Naish as Louis Lorelli
Teresa Celli as Isabella Gomboli
Marc Lawrence as Caesar Xavier Serpi
Frank Puglia as Carlo Sabballera
Barry Kelley as Police Captain Thompson
Mario Siletti as Benny Danetta / Nino
Carl Milletaire as George Allani / Tomasino
Peter Brocco as Roberto Columbo
Eleonora von Mendelssohn as Maria Columbo
Grazia Narciso as Mrs. Danetta
Maurice Samuels as Moriani
Burk Symon as Judge
Bert Freed as Prosecutor
Mimi Aguglia as Mrs. Sabballera

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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