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Black Sheep 1935 DVD - Edmund Lowe / Claire Trevor


On a cruise ship a professional gambler comes to the aid of a young man victimized by a jewel thief. The young man turns out to be his son.


Edmund Lowe as John Francis Dugan
Claire Trevor as Jeanette Foster
Tom Brown as Fred Curtis
Eugene Pallette as Colonel Upton Calhoun Belcher
Adrienne Ames as Mrs. Millicent Caldwell Bath
Herbert Mundin as Oscar
Ford Sterling as Mather
Jed Prouty as Orville Schmelling
Billy Bevan as Alfred
David Torrence as Captain Savage
Mary Blackwood as Edith
Wade Boteler as Customs Officer
Don Brodie as Reporter
Tex Brodus as Passenger
Edward Cecil as Bridge Player
Allan Conrad as Third Officer
Robert Elliott as Detective Clancy
Bess Flowers as Woman at Bar Who Later Faints
Grace Goodall as Bridge Player
Douglas Gordon as Steward
Maude Turner Gordon as Mrs. Curtis
Dell Henderson as Customs Officer
Colin Kenny as Ship's Officer
James B. 'Pop' Kenton as Bridge Player
Slim Martin as Orchestra Leader
Richard Powell as Riley - Customs Officer
Joseph W. Reilly as Undetermined Role
John Rogers as Steward
Gloria Roy as Passenger
Reginald Sheffield as Oscar's Friend
Edwin Stanley as Oscar's Friend
Libby Taylor as Betty - Millicent's Maid
Silvia Vaughan as Stewardess
Dick Webster as Singer
Marion Weldon as Passenger

Runtime: 76 Minutes

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