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Blackmail 1947 DVD - William Marshall / Adele Mara

A private detective is approached by a wealthy entertainment executive to stop a blackmail scheme against him. Although he hasn't decided to take the job, the blackmailers believe that he already has, and he is marked for murder.


William Marshall as Dan Turner
Adele Mara as Sylvia Duane
Ricardo Cortez as Ziggy Cranston
Grant Withers as Police Inspector Donaldson
Stephanie Bachelor as Carla
Richard Fraser as Antoine le Blanc
Roy Barcroft as Spice Kellaway
George J. Lewis as Blue Chip Winslow
Gregory Gaye as Jervis
Tristram Coffin as Pinky
Eva Novak as Mamie, the Maid
Bud Wolfe as Gomez

Runtime: 67 Minutes

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