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Blanche Fury 1948 DVD - Valerie Hobson / Stewart Granger

Ambitious poor relation Blanche Fuller accepts a job as governess from her wealthy cousins who have adopted the name Fury since they acquired the ancestral home of the Fury family. Blanche plots to become the lady of the manor but her illicit passion for the vengeful, obsessed Philip Thorn sets off a string of tragic events, including murder.


Valerie Hobson as Blanche Fury
Stewart Granger as Philip Thorn
Michael Gough as Laurence Fury
Walter Fitzgerald as Simon Fury
Susanne Gibbs as Lavinia (as Suzanne Gibbs)
Maurice Denham as Major Fraser
Sybille Binder as Louisa (as Sybilla Binder)
Ernest Jay as Calamy
Townsend Whitling as Banks
J. H. Roberts as Doctor
Allan Jeayes as Mr. Weatherby
Edward Lexy as Colonel Jenkins
Arthur Wontner as Lord Rudford
Amy Veness as Mrs. Winterbourne
Cherry London as Molly
George Woodbridge as Aimes

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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