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Blue Scar 1949 DVD - Emrys Jones / Gwynneth Vaughan

Olwen Williams (Gwyneth Vaughan) is a miner's daughter from a mining town in South Wales, where the mine has recently been nationalised. She is keen to move on from her impoverished upbringing to a more fulfilling lifestyle. An opportunity is presented to her when she wins a singing scholarship to a music college in Cardiff. She decides to leave her hometown to take up this opportunity, which means being away from Tom Thomas (Emrys Jones), a local miner who is in love with her.

While Olwen is away from home, an industrial psychologist from London named Alfred Collins (Anthony Pendrell) proposes to her, and she accepts. She announces this news to Tom while attending her father's funeral following a mining accident. Olwen moves to London with Alfred, but is disillusioned by her new life there.

Meanwhile, Tom is injured in a mining accident and spends time at Talygarn, a convalescent home. Here he is looked after by Glynis (Dilys Jones), a physiotherapist and friend of Olwen. Tom and Glynis fall in love. Tom also encounters success at work, rising to the position of manager. After his promotion, he visits Olwen in London, in a vain attempt to persuade her to return to Wales. Tom later dies of a mining-related condition. The film ends with Olwen singing "Home! Sweet Home!" in a radio broadcast.


Emrys Jones
Gwyneth Vaughan
Rachel Thomas
Anthony Pendrell
Prysor Williams

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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