Bodyguard 1948 DVD - Lawrence Tierney / Priscilla Lane

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Homicide detective Mike Carter is tossed off the police force for insubordination and violating regulations. He reluctantly takes a job as bodyguard to Mrs. Gene Dysen, the owner of a local meat-packing plant. In investigating threats against her life, Carter begins unraveling the murder of a meat inspector at the plant, but not before he himself is framed for the murder of his former supervisor on the police force.


Lawrence Tierney as Michael C. "Mike" Carter
Priscilla Lane as Doris Brewster
Phillip Reed as Freddie Dysen
June Clayworth as Connie Fenton
Elisabeth Risdon as Gene Dysen
Steve Brodie as Fenton
Frank Fenton as Lieutenant Borden
Charles Cane as Capt. Wayne
Pepe Hern as Pachuco

Runtime: 62 Minutes

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