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Bombs Over Burma 1942 DVD - Anna May Wong / Noel Madison

Early in World War II, Chungking schoolteacher Lin Yang is recruited to help with the dangerous mission of protecting the Allied supply line from Burma into China. In spite of the danger involved, her determination to help is strengthened when one of her young students is killed in a Japanese air raid. Some time later, she is part of a group of Allied representatives departing from Lashio, on a bus traveling the Burma Road back to China. A bridge outage forces them to spend the night in a monastery along the way, and during the night they watch in horror as a supply convoy of trucks is bombed by Japanese planes. The timing and accuracy of the raid brings them to realize that either one of their group, or perhaps the priest in the monastery, is really an enemy agent.


Anna May Wong as Lin Ying
Noel Madison as Me-Hoi
Leslie Denison as Sir Roger Howe
Nedrick Young as Slim Jenkins
Dan Seymour as Pete Brogranza
Frank Lackteen as Hallam
Teala Loring as Lucy Dell
Dennis Moore as Tom Whitley
Connie Leon as Ma Sing
Hayward Soo Hoo as Ling
Richard Loo as Col. Kim
Paul Fung as Toy Vendor
Richard Wong as Servant

Runtime: 65 Minutes

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