Boom Town 1940 DVD - Clark Gable / Spencer Tracy

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Buddies Big John McMasters and Square John Sand are fast-talking, wisecracking wildcatters who manage to con enough equipment and capital to develop their own oil fields, but their friendship is put to the test when Big John inadvertently falls in love with Elizabeth, Square John's longtime girlfriend. Eventually their friendship and partnership comes to an end on the flip of a coin. Years later, when Big John's interest in the beautiful Karen Vanmeer threatens his marriage too, Square John intervenes in an effort to save the marriage of his former friend even if it means ruining him financially.


Clark Gable as "Big John" McMasters
Spencer Tracy as "Square John" Sand
Claudette Colbert as Betsy Bartlett McMasters           
Hedy Lamarr as Karen Vanmeer
Frank Morgan as Luther Aldrich
Lionel Atwill as Harry Compton
Chill Wills as Deputy Harmony Jones
Marion Martin as Whitey
Minna Gombell as Evie
Joe Yule as Ed Murphy
Horace Murphy as Tom Murphy
Roy Gordon as "Mac" McCreery
Richard Lane as Assistant District Attorney
Casey Johnson as Jack McMasters as a child
Baby Quintanilla as Jack McMasters as a baby

Runtime: 119 Minutes

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